Himadri Sekhar Das
The Mastermind of the band. With two strong hands, powerful legs and one steady head can create music out of everything.

Namit Bajoria
The most passionate, Ambitious and busiest player of the band. Can play Drums and want to be a perfect drummer out of a businessman.

Ritam Gayen
Mr. Dependable and The most versatile player of the band, specialist in Didgeridoo, Khamak and other percussion instruments.

Ranit Das
Thin, powerful and cutest player of the band. Can play Xylophone, Dubki, Sreekhol as well as Drums and Darbuka.

Shouvik Mukherjee
Classical touch with gentle dynamics and the melody maker of the band. Specialist in Sitar, Zitar and Esraj.

Chiranjit Sarkar
Talented, skilled boy with a creative mind. Can play Drums, Djembe and many more Indian instruments like Bangla Dhol, Tabla etc.

BEAT BLASTERS uses different kind of instruments from every corner of the world like Hang Drum, Happy Drum, Steel Drum, Balafon, Didgeridoo, Cajon and also some beautiful percussion instruments from India like Khamak, Dubki, Bangla Dhol, Sreekhol, Dhamsa and many more. We are also using heritage instruments like Sitar and Esraj. We try to combine Sitar and Drums, sometimes Esraj with Happy Drum. Beat Blasters are influenced by jazz, blues, Indian Classical music and different Indian beat cycles. We are also working on some Bollywood and Rabindra sangeet, Indian country songs with percussion and Sitar and Esraj. We are the only band who performed for the first time, a special act which is called ‘ Liquid Drum Act’ in India.

BEAT BLASTERS performed in M.L.T.R opening concert in Kolkata in 2015. We perform regularly at popular festival in Kolkata like Bangla Sangeet Mela and also big corporate events in ITC Sonar Bangla for Motorola. Beat Blasters made their first international tour in Guangzhou (China) in 2017. Again they made a tour in Rajasthan “ Umaid Bhawan Palace” for Harvard University Reunions. They performed in different festivals and university concerts like Jadavpur University Fest & Winter Carnival organised by West Bengal govt. in 2018.